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Find articles about garage door security, garage door opener safety tips and more from Action Door, Northeast Ohio’s garage door experts.

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The History of Garage Doors from Ancient Times to Modern Day

The History of Garage Doors Most of us have experienced the benefits of the modern day electric garage door. We may take for granted the history of garage doors and how innovations along the way helped evolve the garage door into what it is today. We will explore below the history of garage doors and how they transformed from simple gatehouses for storing chariots to the stylish re...read more

Types of Garage Doors – Pros and Cons

Types of Garage Doors Shopping for a new garage door can be a confusing and frustrating process. There are several different garage door styles to choose from and each has their own benefits and weaknesses. Below are the pros and cons of five popular types of garage doors to help guide you when selecting the best option for your home. Once your choice is made trust the experts at A...read more

Tips For Preventing Garage Fires

Picture this. You wake up in the middle of the night and the smell of smoke fills your nose. The smell of smoke can only mean one thing, something is on fire. Frantically, you try to gather up all of your family members in the house to make sure that everyone gets to safety. Once you're in a safe place, you realize that the source of the fire is your garage, which unfortunately is attached to y...read more

How to Seal The Floor of Your Garage

Whether you've just started shopping for residential garage doors or you're currently in the process of having your entire garage revamped, it's time to consider how to seal the floor of your garage! Because of how much "wear and tear" is put on a garage floor - from vehicles, foot traffic, and everything else a garage floor is ...read more

Garage Door Openers – Screw Drive vs Belt Drive vs Chain Drive

There are many different types of garage door openers on the market today, each with their differences. Generally speaking there are three main types of garage door openers to choose from - Screw Drive, Chain Drive, and Belt Drive. For each type of opener, there have been many advances in technology that has evened the score between ...read more

Tips for loud garage doors Tips for a Loud Garage Door

Automatic garage doors are a complex piece of machinery, so when you're dealing with a noisy garage door, there are several different factors to consider. It's important to know that noisy garage doors are likely due to the whole garage door system and not just the opener. Here are some tips on how to identify and diagnose your noisy garage door. Lubricate Metal Parts The metal parts...read more

Cleaning Your Garage and Garage Door

A garage, like a shed or any building outside the house, can be difficult to keep clear of clutter. By their very nature they are a dumping ground for a host of items that obviously do not belong in the house, as well as many that should be. Things get buried in them, put something in the garage and it could be soon lost forever. Things are kept in garages because they have nowhere else to g...read more

Tips for loud garage doors How to Prioritize Your Garage Door Repair in Ohio

Now that spring is here, many of you are starting to look at garage door repair in Ohio. It’s no fun when your garage door bites the dust. I mean, who likes getting out of their car to open and close a garage door? No one does. Like everything else, you’ll know when to repair your garage door, because it will start acting up. Before g...read more

Tips for loud garage doors Garage Door Safety Checklist

Simple steps to a better garage door According to recent statistics, auto accidents happen within five miles of your home. Yet, what is often overlooked is the place where you park your car. Worn, malfunctioning or improperly installed garage doors and openers have killed many children. A simple inspection can guarantee a quieter, longer lasting overhead door and keep customers safe. ...read more

A Guide to New Garage Doors

It squeaks, it grinds, it rattles, or it’s just plain ugly. No matter the reason, there comes a point when your old garage door is beyond repair; it needs replaced. This may seem like a major undertaking; there are, after all, a tremendous amount of options available, from material to design style, where does the quest for new garage doors start? Whether you’re selecting a residential or com...read more

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