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Lift-Master 1265 1/2 H.P Garage Door Opener

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Lift-Master 1265   The Lift-Master SECURITY+™ is the ultimate performer with more safety features than ever before offered in a garage door opener. Quite simply, SECURITY+ lifts garage door opener performance beyond existing levels.
   The advanced technology is your defense against burglars equipped with sophisticated "code grabber" devices. Each time you activate the remote control, SECURITY+ automatically rolls the code over to any one of 100 billion new codes, never to be repeated. With SECURITY+, the stolen code is now rendered useless.
   And because we know that today's homeowners put a high priority on security and safety, they can now turn their garage door opener lights on and off with their remote control or by simply breaking The Protector System beam.
Exclusive Features
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Projects an invisible light beam across the inside of the garage door opening. If anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down, The Protector System automatically reverses the door before making contact. If the beam is obstructed, your door will not close.
Posi-Lock™ Security System
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Assures that when your garage door is closed, it is secured. Prevents unauthorized entry by would-be intruders.
The Smart Garage Door Opener
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Lets you electronically program security codes from your remote control, easier and faster than ever.
Drive-Screw Has No Metal-To-Metal Contact For Smoother, Quieter Operation. Encased in a permanently lubricated, wear-resistant channel for longer operator life. Cleaner because it eliminates grease dripping on car, garage door or floor.
Independent Electronic Force Adjustments Lets you fine-tune up and down forces to tight tolerances, compared to single knob up and down adjustments on comparable competitive models.
Conveniently Located Control Center Saves Time and Money
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No need to move your ladder around to make final opener adjustments. All opener settings are in one convenient place.
Diagnostic LED Reference Center
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Located in the control center, the LED pulses to let you know a diagnostic check is needed.
Added SECURITY+™ Features
Rolling Code System Each time you activate the remote control, SECURITY+ automatically rolls the code over to any one of 100 billion new codes, never to be repeated.
Premium Multi-Function Remote Control with Rolling Code
With every push of the button you get a brand new code, one of over 100 billion codes never to be repeated. 3-function to operate up to 3 garage doors. You can turn garage door opener lights on and off too.
Security Light With the security light you can turn your garage door opener lights on automatically when you break The Protector System beam.
8-Remote Capability The SECURITY+ opener can accommodate up to eight model 96L rolling code remote controls or SECURITY+ functions, as well as one model 67LM rolling code Keyless Entry (optional accessory). That's great news for families with multiple vehicles and drivers.
Additional Quality Features
Heavy-Duty Construction/Quiet Operation Along with solid-state T-Rail, rugged 1/2 H.P. motor and quiet operation, the Model 1265 features heavy-duty chain drive. 1/2 H.P. motor provides years of dependable service with up to 240 lbs of lifting power for heavy residential garage doors.
Private Security Code To provide you with maximum security, your private code is computer programmed at the factory. It is one of 3.5 billion codes never to be repeated.
Automatic Safety Reverse/Automatic Door Stop
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Reverses door automatically if obstructed when going down, stops if obstructed when going up. For ventilation, door can be stopped at any height. (WARNING: Garage doors and openers can be dangerous if not properly installed, maintained, tested and operated. Children should be supervised by an adult whenever in or around the garage area.)
Premium Multi-Function Control Panel
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Turns garage door opener lights on/off, locks out all outside radio signals, programs remote controls too. Has an illuminated push button for easy locating in the dark. Also includes Model 96LM rolling code multi-function remote control.
Dual Front and Rear Lighting System Provides maximum illumination with a 4.5 minute delay. Attractive lens covers protect light bulbs and project light to every corner of the garage.
Internal Limit Switch Settings Provide fast, easy set-up and positive, exact measurements when setting up the operator. Helps eliminate glide.
Manual Release Handle In the event of a power failure, door can be operated manually. When power is restored, a push of the button reconnects the door and garage door opener.
Optional Convenience Accessories
Remote Control Lighting Accessories
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Extra Rolling Code Remote Controls This model 1265 garage door opener can accommodate up to eight Model 96LM remote controls and one Model 67LM keyless entry.
Keyless Entry With Rolling Code
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Mounts to garage door jamb. Opens and closes door without remote control or keys by entering a private 4-digit security code. Just like the rolling code remote control, when you enter your personal code, with every use it transmits a new code, one of over 100-billion codes, never to be repeated. No wiring required. Illuminated for nighttime use.
Temporary Password Option Temporary password option offers more convenience. Provides additional protection and gives friends, relatives and service people limited access to the home without giving them the private opener code. The homeowner can enter a temporary code in place of this regular code for a specific number of activations or a specific length of time.
WARRANTY: Full Lifetime Warranty on Motor. Contact us for more information. All Lift-Master garage door openers meet or exceed all state and federal regulations.
   * Horsepower: 1/2.
   * R.P.M.: 1,625.
   * Thermal Protection: Automatic.
   * Lubrication: Permanent.
   * Drive Means: Full Chain.
   * Reduction Means: Gear 16:1.
   * Door Linkage: Adjustable Door Arm.
   * Adjustable: 40-240 lbs.
   * Factory pre-set at 70 lbs.
   * Solid-State Micro-Controller With Built-In Surge Suppressor.
   * Installed Length: 128".
   * Maximum Door Opening: 7' 6".
   * Travel Rate: Approximately 7"/second.
   * Headroom Clearance Required: 2".
   * Head: 28 lbs.
   * Rail:Full Chain, 17 lbs.
   * Force: Independent External Up and Down.
   * Limit: External.
   * Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz.
   * Wattage: 540.
   * Current Rating: 4.5.
   * U.L. Listings: Yes.
   * Length of Line Cord: 4' (3 prong).
   * Frequency: 390 MHz.
   * Coding System: Smart Receiver Code Button and Indicator Light.

   * Operating Range: Approximately 150'.
   * Operating Temperature: -40F to 150F.
   * Battery (Transmitter): 12-volt.

   * 96LM 3 Channel Remote Standard.
   * Number of Bulbs: 2.
   * Maximum Wattage: 75 Each Bulb.
   * Length of Light Delay: 4.5 minutes.
   * Type of Light Delay: Solid-State.
   * The Protector System.
   * Emergency Quick Release.
   * Automatic Trolley Reconnect.
   * Ventilation Pet Opening.
   * Down Safety Reverse.
   * Up Safety Stop.

   * Door Open/Beam Broken Lights On.
   * Program Remote From Wall Control.
   * PosiLock.
   * Open/Close/Stop Door from 96LM Remote.
   * Chassis: Steel.
   * Rail: Solid Steel T.
   * Trolley: Steel.

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