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Wayne Dalton Thermogard II Garage Door

pc01h.jpg (4906 bytes)Exceptional safety, curb appeal, comfort and value are built into every Thermogard II dual-sided steel garage door. In Addition to our patented safety features, these handsome garage doors come with a raised-panel design in a variety of popular colors, and in white flush pinstriped sections. The hinges and other hardware are galvanized steel, and the foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation provides a comfortable insulation "R"-value of 10. The lasting beauty of a Thermogard II garage door comes from layer after layer of corrosion-resistant materials, its quick and accurate installation from innovative technology and factory-installed components. There is no better value.

Safety Features

Exclusive WayneGard design pushes fingers out of harms way pc01b.jpg (7445 bytes)Exclusive WayneGard design pushes fingers out of harm's way. Old shiplap design crushes a pretzel in the joint.
Our patented TorqueMaster Counterbalance System seals its powerful spring forces safely inside a steel tube. Other safety features include quick, easy, drill-powered winding and integral tamper-resistant design. A TorqueMaster unit cannot be disassembled unless its springs are unwound and safe. Lifting cables are five times stronger than necessary.
pc01c.jpg (6205 bytes)Tamper resistant safety bottom brackets help avoid possible injury by preventing inadvertent loosening when the counterbalance cables are still under tension.

Durability Features

20 Year Limited Warranty against cracking, splitting, rust-through or section deterioration comes with every Thermogard II garage door. Other door components also have extended limited warranties. Ask us for details.
Corrosion protection comes from layering. pc01a.jpg (8264 bytes)The layering includes zinc/steel plating, hot-dipped galvanizing, primer coatings, baked-on polyester exterior finish, and more. Layering gives Thermogard II doors their lasting good looks while minimizing manitenance.
Two-Coat, baked on polyester finish makes these doors virtually maintenance free. This finish also makes an excellent base if you repaint to match the exterior colors already beautifying your home.
High-tensile steel, extra deep embossing and rigid polyurethane foam provide amazing dent resistance.
Heavy-gauge steel wraparound end caps finish door edges for better appearance, and protect the foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation from damage.
pcwyne01.JPG (2041 bytes) Patented, foamed-in-place polyurethane core. The core provides an insulation "R"-value of 10, more than twice as much as common polystyrene insulation board the same thickness. It's chemically bonded to each steel section, creating a composite structure with higher strength, grater rigidity, improved dent-resistance and better thermal protection.
Sound-absorbing insulation makes a Thermogard II door quieter in operation, and eliminates wind-rattling. The polyurethane foam is CFC-11-free, so it's environmentally friendly.
Integral foam-filled horizontal struts at the top and bottom of door sections add rigdity for long life and smooth operation-extra strength without extra weight.

Appearance and Convenience Features

   Raised Panel
   Flush Pinstriped

With Thermogard II doors you have your choice of styles, colors and customizing options.

Textured steel back keeps Thermogard II doors looking good from the inside too. Inner surface simply wipes clean, just like a range or refrigerator. It's finish-painted the same color as the front of the door.
Embossed steel front panels give Thermogard II doors the look of genuine wood, and the strength of steel.
SilentGlide RollersSilentGlide rollers with nylon tires and solid steel shafts provide years of smooth, quiet, dependable service—guaranteed for life in our warranty!
Our StyleLine Lites give your home individuality.
      A Wayne-Dalton door with our StyleLine Lites makes it easier than ever to combine the natural light you want for your garage with the beautiful look you want for your home. The StyleLine window module becomes the top section of your garage door, or second section—depending on pattern. The panes come as clear glass, ready for decorative inserts. Choose a style now. You can change it any time you like.
      Snap-In Design lets you install StyleLine inserts yourself, change them as you please, remove them for door painting or window cleaning.

Technical Specifications

ASTM E 84 Flame Spread Index 75 or less
Smoke Developed Index 450 or less
ASTM D 1929 Flash Ignition 600 degrees or more
Self Ignition 850 degrees or more

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October 25, 2005